Looking for churches in Florida

We’ll be in Florida for a while in the next few months, and we’d love to speak at churches to share what is happening in Latin America. If you want us to share with your small group, congregation, youth group, or anyone else who might be interested, just contact us by email or leave a comment here.

Here’s our schedule:

December 16 – In Florida
December 23 – In Florida
December 30 – In Florida
January 6 – In Florida
January 13 – In Cuba
January 20 – In Cuba
January 27 – In Cuba
February 3 – In Florida
February 10 – Boyce College Youth Emphasis Week in Kentucky
February 17 – Boyce College Youth Emphasis Week in Kentucky

I put the Sunday dates up, but we can speak on any day of the week. Please help us find places to share.