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Seminary Choir Concert last night

Besides graduation, every year’s school activities conclude with the choir concert. Last night was this year’s concert. Here’s a quick clip I recorded on my phone.

Youth Ministry Seminar

This past Saturday, the Seminary had a big publicity event. My participation in the event was to help the youth ministry students with our information booth, teach a youth ministry seminar, and organize a skit for one of the worship times. The event was a huge success.

There were more than 300 people at the event (which was our attendance goal), and during the two seminar times, my youth ministry workshop was packed. I spoke about the goal of youth ministry to more than 100 prospective students. We handed out fliers and collected names at our booth. I even ran out of business cards.

There is a great thirst for youth ministry training in Latin America. I believe that we are living in a time where youth ministry training is about to explode both in Mexico and other places in the world. It is humbling and exciting to be a part of what God is doing.

If you would like to support the work of our family in Mexico, click here to find out how to join our team.

Seminary Event LIVE today

Today the Seminary is having a huge promotion event. There are conferences, sample classes (I’m teaching one), visitation of the dorms, and many other things.

I’ll be broadcasting some of it live below, in case you want to check out what’s happening. It will all be in Spanish, but I’m trying to broadcast live my class that I’ll be teaching at 1 pm (2 pm Eastern).

We’re hoping that this event will allow God to speak to the people who are feeling called to attend Seminary. If you get a chance, please pray for this event today.

Skit for Seminary Event

The Seminary is having a big promotion event on May 23, and they’ve asked the youth ministry program to do a skit during it.

Here’s what we’re basing our skit on, although we are making some changes so it will fit better with the audience and culture.

The Body of Christ and the Seminary

Never before have I thought of the Seminary as the body of Christ as today. With the recent scare in Mexico City, we have been out of classes for a week. Many of the students left the city.

As we returned to the campus yesterday and today, there are signs up all over telling us to be sure to wash dirty clothes, wash our hands, wear masks, etc. Why? Well, because we are one body.

If one of us gets sick, we will all get sick. We must all take care of each other, doing our part to be clean. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we will affect others. I can only imagine the chaos that would take place at the Seminary if one person came down with the flu. This many people living in close quarters and sharing everything would cause our own little epidemic.

It’s the same way with the body of Christ. If one of us fails, we all fail. If one of us has success, we all have success. Let’s take care of each other.

(image by: bemky on flickr)

The Preacher’s Burden

Andy Stanley, in his book Communicating for a Change, talks about a thing called “the preacher’s burden.” He says it’s the thing that “if you don’t preach it, you will die.” The thing that your audience has to hear.

I was supposed to preach on Friday in chapel at the Seminary, and I had prepared like never before. I had studied the passage. I had prepared my outline. I had boiled it down to one thing. I had the perfect illustration. Then the phone rang.

It seems there is someone in town that the Seminary wants to preach on Friday instead. The guy is part of an organization that helps the Seminary a lot, and they called me today (Wednesday) to let me know that they want him to preach on Friday, the day that has been on the calendar for me to preach since the start of the term.

So what do I do with the burden? I am convinced the Seminary students, professors (including me), and administration need to hear the sermon I was going to preach. I have the burden. I might explode if I can’t tell them what I felt God had told me to say.

They tell me that I will get a chance to preach next term. It will be my turn again, I’m sure. But in the meantime, I guess I have to put into practice the concept that God taught me and gave me a passion for while I was preparing to preach. Could it be that the message was more for me than for the Seminary students?

So what do you do with the preacher’s burden when it turns out that you don’t get to preach it? Are there other ways to get the message out?

Diploma in Youth Ministry – Round 2

Today we started a new group in our Youth Ministry diploma program at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary. There are 7 new students in the program, bringing our total to 13. Huberto is teaching them “Principles of Youth Ministry,” which is our basic philosophy class.

We’ve decided that one of the best ways to do some training is to make it semi-formal. Basically, these classes are close to the equivalent to a youth ministry conference. They are kind of a mix between a conference and a class, focused on practical concepts and principles that will help youth workers in their local church youth ministries.

Each course is 16 hours long, which we do over 4 weeks. It’s a fun way to train youth workers, and it helps reach out to those who may not yet be able to come to the Seminary full-time.

The diploma program helps us reach our goal of recruiting, networking, training, and supporting youth workers in Latin America.

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