An unexpected visitor

This afternoon I was sitting in the living room of my house, and the next thing I know, there’s a bird flying in and perching on our couch. We don’t own a pet bird.

I don’t like birds or any other wild animals. I jump if I see a lizard in the house. Imagine my reaction when I saw a bird. I didn’t know what to do. I froze. I knew I had to get him out of the house, but I already told you I don’t like birds.

Well, he flew straight for the window. But the window was closed. He got caught between the vertical blinds, the curtain, and the huge floor to ceiling window. He was trapped. And he had the poop scared out of him, literally.

I opened the front door, but by now he was hiding under the entertainment center. So, I got a tennis ball and rolled it under there to shoo him out of his hiding spot. He flew up to a candle holder we have above our fireplace. That’s when I went after him.

I tried to get him to move with the broom, and luckily, he flew out the door instead of at my head. Whew! These are the things I do when Janell is away.

(photo by:

My Thoughts on Transformers 2

Yesterday I went to see Transformers 2.

It’s cheaper here to go on Wednesday. It cost me 40 pesos (about $3 US) to go to see the show. In fact, thanks to the length of the movie (see below), it almost cost me more to park the car (30 pesos) than it did to enter the movie.

Here are a few quick thoughts on Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

  1. It’s long. Two hours and thirty minutes is a long movie. There were times when I felt like I was just waiting for the action to start again. It seemed long to me. I went into it knowing that it was 150 minutes (thanks to the Internet Movie Database), but I had no idea it would feel as long as it did. This makes it hard for me to think about taking my 4 year old son to see it (even though he LOVES transformers).
  2. Sometimes it’s hard to follow the action. The fight scenes are cool, but sometimes I found myself trying to figure out who was an autobot and who was a decepticon. It all looked like a big heap of metal fighting sometimes.
  3. Is it a family movie or not? It almost felt like they tried to add in some “adult humor” that didn’t really fit. There were times when I was thinking, “Do we really need to watch the mom get high off of marihuana filled brownies?”
  4. The action and graphics are pretty cool. I especially like it when you see one of the transformers actually “transform.”

Overall, it was average. Not great. Not horrible. Just good. But that’s my opinion.

Those are my thoughts. If you’ve seen it, what do you think?

(image by: zonalpony on flickr)

By the way, did you know that the guy who does the voice of Optimus Prime also does the voice of Eeyore on Tigger and Pooh?

United States beats Spain in Soccer

I tweeted something today that is, unfortunately, very true. “Everyone in Spain is upset right now , everyone in America has no clue why.”

It was because the United States upset Spain in the Confederations Cup semi-finals. While that may not seem like a big deal to you, think about it. Spain was going for their 36th straight win. The United States got into the knock-out round by winning against Egype 3-0 and having Brazil beat the latest World Cup champion Italy team 3-0. The odds were certainly against us. But, the USA did it.

Congratulations to the United States. Let’s see what they can do in the final on Sunday. I wonder if they’ll even show it on TV in the United States.

(image by: mattgerlachphotography on flickr)

Baseball on the iPhone

If you follow me on twitter or know me personally, you probably already know I have grown to be quite a baseball fan, especially the Tampa Bay Rays. We’ve watched them since they were born and have been through some rough years. All that changed last year with their first ever World Series appearance and this year with 3 Rays on the verge of making the All-Star team. Then along comes this.

You can now watch MLB baseball on your iPhone or iPod touch. I haven’t bought the app because you only get 2 games per day and I’m not sure I want to shell out $10 for it. But, it’s great to see major sports league using technology to improve the fan experience. Go Rays!!

Check out the MLB iPhone app TV commercial here.

Youth Ministry Training in Mexico

In case you ever wondered what I really do all day, I thought I’d post a video of one of my workshops from our Seminary event we had in May. Like I’ve said before, it was packed, and I gave the exact same training session two times, talking about the need for youth ministry training.

Mexico vs Trinidad and Tobago Video

A few weeks ago, I went to half of the soccer game between Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago (read about our adventure here). Here’s some video I took at the game. It gives you a feel of what it’s like to be at the stadium during a World Cup Qualifying Match.

Join our Team – Update

A few weeks ago, we asked you to consider joining our team of financial supporters. Remember that?

Well, it just dawned on me that I have been so busy with the end of the school year that I haven’t told you what happened.

We didn’t reach the goal of $500 in monthly support, but some of you did respond, and we received pledges for $100 more per month. We appreciate those of you who joined our team of financial supporters.

We also received an anonymous donation of $1200. Whoever that was, we thank you for your gift to the ministry.

Raising support for ministry is always a step of faith. We thank God that we have such a good team. If you forgot about it, you can still get on board and be part of what God is doing in Latin America.