An Update on our House

Thanks to all who have helped us so far to begin the improvements on the house to make it livable! We appreciate your support of our family and ministry in Mexico City.

In this video I want to show you some of the progress that we have made on the house. We have received about half of what we need to be able to finish up the house.

We could still use your help!!!
If you’d like to help us finish fixing the house, you can send a check to Youth Ministry International (1300 Envoy Circle, Suite 1306, Louisville, KY 40299) with a note that says that it is for “the Poulette Housing Fund.”

You can also donate online by clicking here.

Look what we found at the grocery store!!!

For six and a half years we have “imported” marshmallows from the United States to Mexico City so that we could make things like rice crispy treats and chocolate fudge. Well, today we were at the grocery store and found a whole shelf full of mini-marshmallows. Needless to say we were pretty excited.

They have marshmallows, but usually they are flavored with strawberry or some other kind of flavoring (which are also yummy, but don’t make good peanut butter fudge).

So we bought a few bags and are now getting ready to make rice crispy treats!!!

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A Quick Trip to Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca is about two hours away from where we live in Mexico City. The worst part of the drive is leaving the city, especially on the weekend. We went there last weekend so I could have a meeting with a pastor who is trying to get some youth ministry training there. I also taught their youth Sunday School class and preached in their church on Sunday morning.

It was a really quick trip, so the video is mostly a few clips of the kids and some views of the drive. There is some pretty cool video of the volcanoes covered in snow, too.

Anthropology Museum

See it in HD at Vimeo

I went with Dr. Sills and a group of Seminary students to the Museum of Anthropology last week. Here’s some video I took of the museum.

House Update

We’ve received about $400 for the improvements to our new house, and we wanted to thank everyone who has sent in money to help us get it ready for us.

We will probably be moving into the new house sometime next week. The Seminary is using it one last time as a guest house for some people who are coming in for intensive classes this week.

We’re planning on having a yard sale in a few weeks to put a little more money into the account and get the house fixed as much as possible.

We could still use your help. If you want to help us, we encourage you to send a check to Youth Ministry International with a note in it that says, “Poulette Housing Fund.” That way the accounting department will know that your donation is specifically for our move. Thanks again for your support.

The address for Youth Ministry International is:

1300 Envoy Cir.
Suite 1306
Louisville, KY 40299

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Janell was reading Nathan the story of David and Goliath tonight, and they got to the part where they said, “If you defeat us, we will be your slaves, and if we defeat you, you will be our slaves.”

Nathan asked his mommy what a slave is. Janell responded, “A slave is someone who cooks for you, cleans up after you, and does what you tell them to do.”

To which Nathan responded, “Oh, so you and Daddy are kind of like my slaves.”

February Family and Ministry Update (Video)

We made this quick video for Riverside Church’s Global Connections Weekend, and we thought we would share it here, too.