Busy busy weekend

The busy weekend finally passed. Friday night was a Bible study with the students from Mexico City Christian Academy at our house. Saturday night was a “game night” with the youth group at our church. We played Jenga and taught them Farkle. Sunday morning, I preached at the church in both of the morning services. The topic was “The Revolution of God” in our lives. The text was Acts 9:1-31, the story of the conversion of Paul. Sunday night was our usual youth meeting and a special once a month church-wide Lord’s Supper service. The weekend was pretty packed, and I’m glad it’s over. Now, it’s back to “work.”

Home Depot in Mexico

This morning we did what is becoming a fun Saturday morning routine. We went out for breakfast at a great restaurant called “Los Bisquets de Obregon.” They have great eggs with chorizo, and have recently been serving them on bisquets. They are delicious. Since we have to park in the new Home Depot parking lot, we go walk around the home depot, enjoying the “Americana” feel to it. Home Depots are popping up all over Mexico. There are now 42 of them in the whole country, which will make Janell’s dad happy!

Humble Pie Bible study

We had a great time at Bible study tonight for the students of Mexico City Christian Academy. The topic was “Humble Pie.” We had a pie eating contest (my first time making Jello), a game involving different figures of speech, and a really good discussion about the Biblical definition of humility. Some of the questions we answered were: Is there any truth to the statement: “Christianity is a crutch for weak people”? Is there anything wrong with admitting that we use our faith to help us make it in life? Is there such a thing as false humility? Are you proud if you acknowledge your abilities as an artist, musician, or athlete? Was Jesus humble even though He made outrageous claims about Himself? How can we really be humble? We used Romans 12:3 as a point of reference of how we ought to think of ourselves. It was a good time. We had some good fellowship after, too. Even if I (and everyone else) did get trounced at Playstation by a girl.


Minnie got all dressed up in her patriotic colors to watch the first presidential debate tonight. We watched it with another missionary family at our house. It was fun to watch it with them, even though political debate isn’t always my thing.

Humble Pie

“Eating humble pie”, “To get long in the tooth”, “To lead a dog’s life”, “Grasping at straws”, and “Up the creek without a paddle” are a few of the weird sayings we have. Many times we don’t understand what words really mean. Friday night with the MCCA middle school and high school students, we’re going to look at what it means to be humble. Is there such a thing as false humility? Was Jesus humble? How can we be humble as we worship God with our lives? It’s going to be fun, and we’re going to learn a lot. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, and as always, check back for pictures of the games and Bible study. We’ve got a busy weekend coming up…MCCA Bible study on Friday night, game night with the church youth group, and then I preach Sunday morning at church. Good thing there’s no class tomorrow at the seminary!

CYM Summit article

A few months ago, at the beginning of August, I went to Kentucky for some meetings with YMI. These meetings were with the leaders of all of the Centers for Youth Ministry in 5 different countries. I just received in the mail today an article from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville about the meetings. If you want to read it, click here. You’ll need Adobe Reader if you don’t have it.

Dios youth group sept 26

Tonight we had a good youth group meeting. We had the usual amount of people, but I really feel we are getting to know each other. Rigo led worship with Giovanni. He is going to start teaching him how to play the guitar and investing his life in him. I pray that it will work as a great discipleship relationship for Rigo. Next Sunday, I preach at church, so please pray for me to hear from God what needs to be said as well as have the words to say it.