Baby Dedication tomorrow

Nathan baseball hatTomorrow morning, at our church in Dunedin, we will be dedicating Nathan. Basically, we’ll be dedicating ourselves to raise him in a Christian environment with the opportunity to hear about Jesus and the Bible. It’s a big thing for us to commit ourselves to this. It’s a commitment to each other as well. We are excited to take this step and pray that Nathan will make the decision to follow Jesus when he gets older and can understand his commitment.

Preparing to move back to Mexico

We’re getting ready to move back to Mexico on Wednesday. It has been a great summer with our family and friends in Florida, but we’re ready to get back to our own (new) place and the work that is definitely waiting us there. When I was in Mexico last week, I left my laptop there to make the trip back a little lighter. That’s why there has been a serious lack of posts lately. Sorry. I’m sure it will be better when we get back into the routine of things.

Naples Mission Trip Day 1

FBC Naples Mission Trip Day 1: Today we had a good day at church. The group helped out with Vacation Bible School for about 100 kids. We also met up with Israel to talk about what we’re going to do the rest of the time while we are here. I called the bus driver, and we are set with the bus for the rest of the time we would need it. We went to Walmart, Burger King, and the market. We also spent some time at the mission office and also the seminary. Whew! Sounds like we were busy. We wrapped up the day at the movie theater watching War of the Worlds.

I’m Off to Mexico

Well, I’m sitting in the Tampa Airport, waiting for my flight to Houston. From there, it’s on to Mexico City. I’m leading a group of people from First Baptist Church, Naples, on a mission trip to Mexico. It’s an 11 day trip, so I’ll try to keep you posted. Unfortunately, Janell and Nathan couldn’t come with me on this trip, so I’m all alone for the time. It was hard to rip myself away from them this morning as I left. I already miss them.

Funny comic


Going to Mexico soon

Update on Life: I got back my final grade from my Jonathan Edwards class. I got a B+. I am so happy to have received a decent grade on what was probably the hardest class I’ve ever taken. Janell was a great support during the class, letting me have time off to work on the projects and papers.

July 5-15, I will be in Mexico with a group of volunteers from First Baptist Church, Naples. They will be helping with Vacation Bible School at our church Dios Es Amor. They will also be helping with a “youth week” and doing some service projects and street evangelism. I am hoping to have this group encourage the youth ministry at our church. I hope that the youth pastor will be an encouragement to the youth ministry students who are serving at the church, also. It is going to kill me to be away from Janell and Nathan for 11 days. It is going to be difficult for Janell, too, as she will have to feed Nathan all throughout the nights.

Nathan’s two month check up

Nathan eating in Miami Dolphins bib 2We went to the doctor today for Nathan’s “2 month” check up. He’s 10 weeks now, so it wasn’t really a 2 month check up. Overall, he was very healthy. He weighed in a hefty 12 pounds 13 ounces, 23 and 1/3 inches. He’s getting beefy. Plus, he got 4 shots. It was our last visit to his doctor in the US before we go back to Mexico, so we will be needing to look hard for a doctor when we get back to the big city.