I just read a great article over on the Fuller Youth Institute blog called “The Science of Storytelling and Listening“.

In the article, Jon Huckins lays out a pretty compelling case for using Storytelling as one of many methods of teaching in youth ministry. He says,

“As youth workers who are passionate about inviting our students into the Story of God, it is important that we follow in the footsteps of our Rabbi, Jesus. Jesus was the master storyteller, and true to Rabbinic tradition, one-third of his teaching was done through the art of storytelling. Similar to Jesus’ parables, modern day storytelling is a method that might provoke more questions than answers. The story becomes a conversation starter, not a conversation finisher. This isn’t always true, of course. As youth listen and engage in the story, they can process some of the answers because the story meets every teenager in a different spot of their faith experience.”

This is a pretty important idea for those of us who are involved in teaching or preaching. It’s worth reading the article, and I might have to pick up his book, “Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling: Creating Fictional Stories that Illuminate the Message of Jesus” (affiliate link).

A Taste of the USA

We got a package in the mail yesterday! Some friends of ours sent some goodies from the USA. Basically it was a big box of chocolate chips, ranch dip packets, and some seasoning for the grill.

It may not seem like much to you, but when you’re far away from friends and family, a little taste of “home” (see my post about Where is home?) goes a long way. It’s especially good to get it around the holidays.

Maybe your church, Sunday School class, or small group could think of a way to encourage the missionaries you support or college students who are away from home. Maybe just what they need is a little care package. Don’t forget about them. I’m sure they like chocolate chip cookies and Ranch dip, too.

Be an Encouragement

The comment you see above was a comment that we received on our Spanish youth ministry website. I haven’t been posting there lately because I’ve been too tired at night to write and busy with the kids or with other things during the day.

But it’s comments like this that keep me writing.
The translation says:

Dennis I want to thank you for your time. I usually come to the website when I am discouraged. And I find encouragement here, in the inspiration that I receive from your work. Thanks again.

Many times we don’t know how much of an encouragement what we do is to other people. You can be an encouragement without really trying or knowing it. I wonder if Victor understands how much of an encouragement his comment is to me. His comment will encourage me to keep writing.

Youth Ministry Forum

December 3 we’ll be having our first ever Youth Ministry Forum at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary.

An Old Friend

When we first came to Mexico, we worked very closely with a pastor who soon became a good friend. His name was Josue Santos. He was one of the people who were inviting us to do youth ministry training in this country. About 6 years ago, he moved to Houston.

Today, we had the great opportunity to see him again and eat breakfast with him. It was great to catch up with the present, remember old times, and let him meet our kids. I’m glad he took the time to come see us today.

I wonder if there’s someone from your past you could get back in touch with this weekend. Wouldn’t that be pretty cool?

A long week Apart

[The boys on Sunday ready to get mommy]

Last week Janell and Shiloh went to Florida to visit family, leaving me alone with the two boys. It was a fun (and difficult) week, and we were all excited for them to come home last night.

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Kind Words

I skyped into the board meeting of Youth Ministry International in order to give a little report on what is happening in Latin America, and I received such an encouragement from David Adams, the director of the Center for Youth Ministry at Southern Seminary in Kentucky. Check the video to hear what he said.

His words were just what I needed to hear, and they reminded me of Proverbs 25:11 – “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.”