Dedication AGAIN tomorrow

Tomorrow, we will be “presenting” Nathan to our church in Mexico. It is the same thing as the dedication we did in Florida. It should be fun. It is also the last Sunday our pastor will be at our church. I will be preaching more and helping out more at the church in his absence. Hopefully, we’ll find a new pastor soon.

Today our friends, the Torberts, came back to Mexico. We picked them up at the airport. Then we went to eat at Los Arcos with them. I also got asked to perform a wedding ceremony today. It was pretty busy.

Nathan’s nursery border picture

Nathan's Nursery border As promised, here’s a picture of Nathan’s nursery border. We have a blanket that Janell’s mom made that matches this “classic Pooh” theme, so it’s going to look nice. Right now, his crib (click for video) is in our room, so the nursery is not complete. We bought the crib at a store called “Baby and Kids” here in Mexico City. It has been fun putting up the border and painting and getting everything ready. It’s also a challenge doing all that with him around.

Nathan Pictures from August

New chair 2
The top one is a picture of Nathan in his new chair we had to buy him. It’s a chair that grows with the baby. Believe it or not, things for babies in Mexico are expensive. They are at least 2 times as much as they are in the USA. We bought this chair and a bathtub at an outlet store, but we still paid more than we would have in the US.

Nathan Sports

Despedida for Josue

Today was the “Despedida”, or goodbye party for our pastor and his family at our church here in Mexico. They are leaving to work in Houston, Texas, at a hispanic church there. I preached the message today, and I spoke about the fact that we are not losing a pastor, but we are sending a missionary family. There are 800,000 people in Houston that speak Spanish, so the pastor and his family are definitely going to be missionaries there. I spoke on God’s call of Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3 and how we must be willing to leave some things behind, expect some unknown things, and then God will bless us and we will be a blessing. It was a difficult sermon to preach (they gave me a few days notice), but overall it went well. Then we had a meal together after church. All of the people at church love Nathan. Next Sunday, we will officially “present” him before the church.

Painting the house

We’ve been painting the house lately. We went to The Home Depot and bought paint for our bedroom and for Nathan’s nursery. We found a Classic Winnie the Pooh border for his room and spent the afternoon yesterday and today painting. Tomorrow, we will be moving most of our stuff into the house. It will be good to finally get into our own place. We’ll put up pictures when we get finished with the nursery.

Arrived Safely in Mexico

After a long day yesterday, we arrived safely in Mexico. Nathan did really well on the plane, even though we were stuck for 4 and a half hours on the plane from Houston to Mexico City. We were in the plane on the runway in Houston for a long time, and as we began taxiing, we were notified that we would be at least 8th in line just to get to the runway. We then waited and waited. The pilot then took a turn back towards the gate because we had wasted so much fuel that we needed to refuel before we could take off. Then we had to wait for the fuel truck. The whole time there was no air conditioning on the plane. So, we were a group of sweaty, hot, upset passengers, all trying to get along because we were stuck on the plane for at least another 2 hours. Finally, we got fuel and took off. We landed in Mexico City 4 hours and 30 minutes after we boarded the plane. It also turned out that Continental broke some things on our stroller/carseat. Oh the joys of travelling! We are happy to be back in Mexico and off the airplane.

Baby Dedication

gma c and nathan Yesterday was the big day. Nathan was all dressed up for his dedication at New Hope. We had a great time at church, saying goodbye to our friends there as we prepare to move back to Mexico on Wednesday. There was a party after the church service at Janell’s dad’s house, and Nathan got to hang out with a lot of family, including his great grandma Comiskey. It was a great time.