What, No post this weekend?

I failed this weekend in posting. I was a little busy. Friday night, I watched on NFL.com the sad results of the Dolphins’ game.

sbarroSaturday morning, I went down to Capital City Baptist Church to give a 3 hour youth ministry conference to the youth leadership team there. It is an English speaking church who is looking to jump-start its youth ministry. So, I spent the morning with them, sharing about philosophy of ministry and giving them some ideas as to what they could do. Saturday night, the youth group of Dios Es Amor was supposed to go to a concert, but that got postponed until next week.

Sunday was an all day workday. We went to church in the morning, went out to eat (at the new Sbarro’s), spent the afternoon with Rigo, and went back to church for youth group at night (more about that later).

Expo Cristiana 2005

We took a trip to the World Trade Center today for Expo Cristiana 2005. It’s an annual exposition here in Mexico City where all the bookstores, music stores, and other stores get together and show what they have for sale. They invite lots of musicians and conference speakers (this year John McArthur and Steve Green were there) to share as well. We just went down today to see what books and other youth ministry resources they have. It took us about 2 hours to get back home from downtown. Lesson learned: Don’t go downtown on Friday.

By the way, Hurricane Wilma looks like it is going to be devastating for Cancun and Cozumel and other parts of Mexico, as well as Cuba (and possibly Florida). Please pray for them as they endure this.

Other News: We got a call from Janell’s mom telling us that we received a bill from the hospital for Nathan’s birth. It was a LOT more than what our insurance seems to cover. We are praying for God to provide the money to pay this bill. If you’d like to help, please email us.

First Seminary Retreat

All the faculty, staff, students, and administration people from the seminary went to Tepotzotlan today for a spiritual retreat. We were supposed to leave at 7 AM, but really we didn’t leave until 8. We didn’t get home until 7:30 PM. So, I’m tired.

The retreat itself was fun and much needed for the seminary. I think it brought us together as a family. I enjoyed getting to spend time with everyone outside of the usual circumstances. The students seemed to really enjoy themselves, and I feel that they were blessed by the experience. I also had a chance to talk to many of them who are working with young people in their Christian Service. We are going to plan a retreat/camp for the young people of our churches in March. I think it will be good to get together with those guys and plan something.

Mel Gibson donates U.S.$1 million to Mexico’s hurricane relief

I just saw this article online. It’s about Mel Gibson donating 1 million dollars to Mexico’s hurricane relief. That’s a lot of money. The article has a funny picture of Mel Gibson sitting with Mexico’s President Fox. Gibson has no socks on and a long beard. I’m sure the president didn’t care too much.

2005 First quarter final grades

I just finished grading the tests and papers for my 2 youth ministry classes of the first quarter at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary. Overall, the students did well. I only had 4 students this quarter, so it wasn’t that hard. The first year students had to write a “My Philosophy of Youth Ministry” paper, and the second year students had to read, summarize, and apply Josh McDowell’s book “Right from Wrong.”

They seemed to really learn a lot this quarter, and I am looking forward to next quarter. I got my schedule of classes today, and I have an 8 AM class (Wednesday and Friday). I remember when I was in college, I would NEVER sign up for an 8 AM class. It seems that one is coming back around to get me.

Now, I’m going to prepare for the two classes I will be teaching. “Youth Culture” and “Foundations of Youth Ministry 2.”


This week has been strange because Janell has been sick. Yesterday, Nathan got sick, too. It was the first time he has been sick, so we, the new parents, are a little on edge. He got a fever yesterday, so we gave him Tylenol like the doctor told us.

Last night, I had to preach at a Quinceanera birthday party. It was the strangest party I’d ever been to. Nobody seemed to want to be there. The majority of the family members don’t go to church, so it was awkward for everyone, including the gringo who was preaching (me!).

Today, we stayed home from church because of the sickies in the family. We watched the Dolphins lose to the Bucs, got McDonald’s for breakfast, and watched baseball playoffs. The good news is that Nathan seems to be feeling better, and Janell is feeling mostly better, too. I feel bad for missing church and youth group, but there were no other options.

Janell is sick. This isn’t good.

Janell is sick today. It’s not good. She can’t take care of Nathan. It is the last day of the quarter at the seminary, so I am giving two exams today. I had to take them up there and leave them in the library so the students could take them. I have to take care of Nathan, which is a huge job. This is when it would be nice to live closer to family. I’m sure we’ll make it through.