Janell is sick. This isn’t good.

Janell is sick today. It’s not good. She can’t take care of Nathan. It is the last day of the quarter at the seminary, so I am giving two exams today. I had to take them up there and leave them in the library so the students could take them. I have to take care of Nathan, which is a huge job. This is when it would be nice to live closer to family. I’m sure we’ll make it through.

Pumpkins to carve and enjoy

Okay, so I am weird. I like to carve pumpkins. This year, I chose a Scooby Doo design. It was one of the more difficult ones that I have ever done. It took me a long time to carve it, and it was really messy. It looks cool, though. It is really early in October, so I will probably have an opportunity to make another one this year. Unfortuately, they only last a little while. Oh, we roasted the seeds, too. They tasted pretty good. You can watch a video of my pumpkin carving here.

What we did yesterday

Yesterday, I preached for the first time in more than a year at the seminary. The topic was vigilance, and the text was Matthew 24. It went well. I had my usual 2 classes, which are winding down for the quarter. We finish up this week with classes, and then next week are finals. I am giving my finals this week, so next week I will be spending preparing for the next quarter’s classes. We also had lunch with the pastor of Capital City Baptist Church and his wife. Of course, we ate pizza tonight, since it was Tuesday, two for one night at all the pizza places. I finished up the night carving a pumpkin. I’ll share some pictures later. This year I chose a Scooby Doo design.

October 9 laugh

You can’t listen to this without smiling.

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My birthday 29

signYesterday was my 29th birthday. Overall, it was a great day. I had already gotten my birthday present, so I was fortunate to go to Six Flags. We already have anual passes, so I didn’t have to spend too much money to get there. I had a great time with my friends, riding on the roller coasters and hanging out. When we got home, Janell had made chicken parm, my favorite meal. She also made a cake and banana bread, so it was doubly wonderful. It’s not too bad being another year older.

six flags hatBy the way, thanks to everyone who sent me cards and greetings for my birthday. It’s cool to open up your email and get lots of hallmark birthday greetings. It makes you feel good even though you are far away from “home.” Thanks for remembering me.

Who are we and what do we do

Who? We have been happily married since July 26, 1997. Dennis has a B.S. degree in youth ministry from Liberty University and is currently working on his M.A. in theology from Columbia Biblical Seminary. Janell has a dental assisting degree from Pasco-Hernando Community College. We lived in Florida before moving to Mexico. Dennis was a youth pastor and Janell worked for Nielsen Media Research. Nathan was born on April 25, 2005, in Florida.

What? Our ministry in Mexico City with Youth Ministry International is to train nationals for local church youth ministry. We do that through a formal training program called The Center for Youth Ministry at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary. We also train informally with workshops, seminars, and conferences. We are currently developing a model youth ministry at a local church in Mexico City. We direct YMI’s Latin America ministry and are looking to help in other Latin American countries as well as Mexico.

Why? Ninety-seven percent of the world’s trained youth workers live and work in the United States, ministering to less than 3% of the world’s youth population. That means there is one youth worker for every 600 young people in the United States. In the rest of the world, there is one youth worker for every 600,000 young people. Ninety percent of those who accept Christ do so before their 21st birthday.

The world is in desparate need for trained youth workers who can minister and help young people in the local church. The youth of Latin America are abandoning the church in record numbers. We must reach the next generation. We believe that we can help train people to do that.

If you have high speed internet and want to see a summary of what we do, check out this video from our first year and a half in Mexico.

Can I help? There are many ways you can help this ministry. You can subscribe to our email updates that come every other week. This will help you be able to pray for us. If you want to be a part of the snail mail newsletter, you can email us. You can also contribute financially through YMI’s website or by sending a check to YMI to the address listed on the sidebar of the website. Please let us know if you choose to do that.

Another crazy weekend coming up

Nathan goes to the doctor again tomorrow for a check-up. Tomorrow night is Bible Study with the MCCA kids at our house. After the Bible Study, I’m going to church for a prayer meeting from 9pm-12am. Saturday (my birthday), I think I’m going to Six Flags with the Torberts. Sunday night is youth group at church. Monday is my “day off.” I don’t know what we’re doing then. Probably grocery shopping. Tuesday is class (as usual), and I am preaching in chapel (unusual). It will be the first time I have preached in chapel since last year. The topic is “vigilance.” It should be interesting.