YMI Summit Presentation

We just had our bi-annual Youth Ministry International Summit. This year it was in South Dakota. The Summit is a time for all of the YMI missionaries from all over the world to get together and share what God is doing in their respective regions.

Here’s my report for Latin America.

Flying Cars and Youth Ministry

Yesterday the latest edition of “Lider Juvenil“, the Spanish Youth Specialties magazine, came out.

I wrote an article for it called, “Flying Cars and Youth Ministry.” In it, I talk about how it is a little dangerous to predict the future of anything. Just look at the Jetsons (and Back to the Future). I don’t know about you, but I’m a little disappointed that I’m not driving a flying car that packs up into a briefcase.

I also talk about some transitions that I either see happening or think need to happen in youth ministry, specifically in the Latin American context. They might even apply to other contexts.

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Why I Spent 6 Hours in the Car this Weekend

I spent most of Saturday in the car. I was driving to Puebla, a city about 3 hours southeast of where we live in northwest Mexico City.

I was heading to an event in the “Disciples of Christ Bible Institute” at First Baptist Church Puebla. They invited me to participate in an event to promote the Institute and the new Certificate in Youth Ministry program that we are starting there in August.

I taught a sample youth ministry class and also shared a conference about “God’s Call.” The audience was mostly people who are interested in studying at the institute, so the topic of the conference was perfect for them.

The crazy (if not unusual) thing was that as I arrived in Puebla, I got lost.

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Social Video for Ministry on ChurchMag

I recently started writing. A lot.

In fact, I’ve written almost every weekday on ministeriojuvenil.com for the last month. It’s been fun.

Earlier today, I published my first guest post on ChurchMag, one of my favorite blogs that talks about church and technology.

It was about “Social Video for Ministry.” If you’re interested in that kind of stuff, check it out. I look forward to writing more for them in the future.

A Key to Success: Keep On

A long time ago I wrote a post over on ministeriojuvenil.com about how to start off in youth ministry. It has been viewed almost 2,000 times in the last year. I’d like to believe that it has impacted over 1,500 youth leaders who are looking for ways to start out in youth ministry. I’m not sure.

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Graduation 2012

Last Saturday was graduation at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary. We had 9 students graduate from the Certificate in Youth Ministry program (a one year degree) and 2 students graduate from the Bachelor’s in Youth Ministry program (4 years).

Graduation is always bittersweet. In the case of Kareny and Josue, we have been with them for 4 years, and we have seen them grow into incredible youth pastors. It is like watching our own children grow up and move out of the house. They will be heading to Monterrey in a month, and we will miss them.

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Lessons from the desert

Last week I took a trip to Torreon, Mexico, to teach a class on “Ministering to Troubled Youth.” But the experiences I took away from the trip taught me more than I think I shared in class.

Torreon is a city with the slogan, “The City that Defeated the Desert.” Well, to begin with, it was 104 degrees each day, and the desert heat is exhausting. It’s a good idea to avoid Torreon in June.

Recently, the area known as “La Laguna” has been hit hard by violence. The people who live there are accustomed to hearing about different things that happen around town. But this Mexico City boy is not used to hearing such things.

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