It’s Labor Day and I’ve Already Finished Teaching One Course

The last week I was quiet on Facebook, Twitter, and here mostly because we were extremely busy.

Earlier this year, the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary made an agreement with the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in California which, among other things, brings in visiting professors to Mexico every once in a while to teach intensive courses.

Last week was the first time we had some professors visit, and guess who got to be the host? That’s right: yours truly. It was great to have the two visiting professors here, and it was nice to meet them both. The students had a great week with them, too.

I was also teaching a youth ministry course last week. Each day from 8 AM until 2 PM I had “Principles of Youth Ministry” class with the freshmen and a few visiting (hopefully soon to be freshmen) students.

We had a great, yet exhausting week.

This week we start the official course schedules at the Seminary. I’ll be teaching “Ministry to Troubled Youth” and “Youth Culture.

Our Baby Girl Turned Two

I can’t believe this little girl turned two already. They are all growing up so fast.

Stranded…for a Reason

Since I was going for the graduation of the Certificate program, I asked the Seminary to make my reservation for my recent trip to Puerto Escondido. I told them the exact dates that I wanted to fly out and when I needed to return to Mexico City. They confirmed the reservation, printed out my confirmation, and handed it to me. Without thinking much about it, I took it from the dean, put it in my bag, and went back to work.

Thursday came, and, after an interesting taxi ride, I made it to the coast. I had to spend Thursday night and Friday during the day at the beach (the family I was staying with wanted to show me the beach, so I had to oblige). Friday night and Saturday was a youth leaders’ conference, and Saturday night we finished with the graduation. But Sunday was really the most interesting day.

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Ministry Multiplication in Puerto Escondido

The goal of Youth Ministry International is to train local church youth workers for the people groups of the world. We have developed a strategy in recent years to train people who can train others, and we have been blessed to see God use that strategy to minister to more and more young people.

Last week I had the chance to go to Puerto Escondido, on the coast of Oaxaca, to participate in a youth leader’s training event for the Baptist Convention there. We also planned a graduation ceremony for the people you see in the photo above.

The Certificate level program that we have at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary has expanded to other parts of Mexico, multiplying the ministry. The students in the photo graduated from the extension in Puerto Escondido, which has been taught 100% by Juan Roman, a graduate from the Bachelor’s degree program in Mexico City.

It was a privilege to be a part of the graduation ceremony and see the results of ministry multiplication.

An Interesting Taxi Ride

Janell dropped me off at the taxi stand, and he motioned me over as he hopped into his taxi. “How much for a ride to the airport?” I asked with a smile. “190 pesos”, he replied. So I hopped in, not realizing this was a divine appointment.

After a little small talk about the cost of gas and how they haven’t raised the prices of the fares in about 2 years, we continued on towards the PerifĂ©rico, one of the most traveled roads in Mexico City, about 45 minutes from the airport.

Just before we got to the traffic, he told me that he couldn’t work all last week because his taxi had broken down and he had to fix it. He was obviously upset about missing work and commented about how the bills were stacking up. His thoughts on this were obviously affecting his attitude towards the traffic as he continued to mumble under his breath about it.
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The Most Difficult Job in the World

The Olympics start tonight, and I saw this video today about moms all over the world. Watch it. It will inspire you.

As I was watching the video, I couldn’t help but think about a few things:

I always say that Janell’s ministry is more important than mine. Her ministry of nurturing our children is far more important to me than anything I teach professionally at the Seminary. She has an incredible ministry to them. I also think she’s Superwoman. She does so many things. I am blessed to be her husband.

The other thing I was thinking about was all the time and effort that many of us put into helping our children accomplish their dreams and goals. The Olympic games always make me think about the sacrifice and discipline it takes to be an expert at something (some say 1000 hours, others more).

The question that we need to ask ourselves is, “In what discipline am I helping my children develop expertise?” My prayer is that my kids will grow up to be men and women of God. If Janell and I can help them develop the necessary disciplines to grow in their faith, then we will have accomplished something.

I’m sure, though, that this is going to be at least as difficult as helping my child achieve athletic success.

Anniversary #15

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. We have now been married for 15 years. Wow! I can’t believe it. I always say I can’t believe she’s put up with me for that long.

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