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Heading to Urbana ’09

I’m sitting in the airport in Tampa waiting to board a plane to icy St. Louis for Urbana ’09, a huge gathering of people who are seeking God’s will for their life and to see how they fit into His plan for world evangelization.

I will be representing Youth Ministry International at our booth (#1007), and I’m hoping to connect with lots of people while I’m there.

I’m hoping that the right people are directed to the booth. I would love to see some more people join the YMI team of trainers around the world. We have so many invitations and not enough time. I think Urbana is huge for Youth Ministry International and our work to train youth workers around the world.

Urbana ’09

I’m going to St. Louis the week after Christmas to represent Youth Ministry International at Urbana ’09. Urbana is one of the largest gatherings in the world to talk about missions and see how God is moving in the hearts of His people to make Him known.

I’m getting excited and starting to pray about the connections that I’ll make during this time. I’m hoping to be able to help others find what God has for them in their lives, and I’m praying that some of them will want to join with us to train youth workers for local churches.

I’m hoping to get to blog from the event, so keep an eye on for updates. Of course, there’s Christmas first, so I’ll be posting some pics and video from that before Urbana.


Remember that back in August we posted this picture of Nathan at school. He wouldn’t participate in anything and was having a rough time.

Well, there has been a lot of progress at school in the last few weeks. Here’s a video from yesterday’s open house.

His progress report also said…

In your language, you have very good grammar and vocabulary! Congratulations! But it is important to congratulate you, applaude you, and recognize that the progress you have had in Spanish is incredible! You are structuring and pronouncing words very well and you are now starting to take an interest in putting together phrases to communicate with others! Big congratulations!

I am so proud of my little guy. He is doing excellent and learning something new everyday.

There’s another video here: Nathan’s Preschool

Ways to Support Our Family Doing Things You Already Do

You already know that we are faith-based missionaries, which means we raise our own support to live and work in the ministry God has give to us.

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A Big Thank You

We got two emails back-to-back today. One was from a church group who had sent us a special financial gift, and the other was from some old friends who have begun to regularly support our family and ministry.

It’s always great to get those kinds of emails. We appreciate everyone who prays and gives so that we can be here in Mexico doing what we feel God has for us to do. A big thank you to all of you.

If you’re interested in supporting us, click here.

One of these kids is not like the others (pic)

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We took this video at Nathan’s pre-school today. It was the end of the summer session, so they did a demonstration of everything they did all summer. Nathan did not participate in anything while we were there.

It’s gotta be so hard for him since he’s the odd-kid out. He’s the only gringo in the school. He speaks English as his first language.

These are the things you don’t think about when you sign up to be a missionary. I know that eventually he’ll fit in with everyone. I pray that he will grow to love Mexican culture and its people. I pray that he will have a passion to see his little “compañeros” know Christ.

But for now, as a parent, it’s hard.

Outward Thinking

You can become so involved with simply "pastoring" that you forget your mission in life very quickly. Instead of really preparing people for the work of the ministry, we are prone to focus in on ourselves. For instance, at the average prayer meeting, how many are really praying for those who need their eyes opened? How many are really praying for the masses who so desperately need a Savior?

You know, the amazing thing is, the Apostle Paul never asks for his own personal welfare. He prays that the gospel may speed on in triumph. What was his mission? He said, "For me to live is Christ, to die is gain." Thus he says, "I am going to stay here so I can get the gospel out."

Our focus is so introspective. It does not take long, even in mission activity, believe it or not, to get introspective. Here, too, I stand as guilty as the next fellow. But we must be aware of it, and , by God's grace, keep our sense of mission ever before us.

— Dr. Philip Steyne

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