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Ways to Use an Egg Timer

Productivity blog Stepcase Lifehack has a great post today called 7 Reasons to Borrow Grandma’s Egg Timer.

It’s exactly why I made the online egg timer.

Of the seven reasons, I especially like the race the clock and get up and move reasons.

Well, there’s no need to borrow grandma’s egg timer, you can use mine.

Free Productivity Tool

I was talking with Janell about productivity, and I told her that I needed a timer to keep track of my work during the day. I was thinking that I needed to use an egg timer to focus myself on one task. Then I got to thinking about how cool it would be to have an egg timer on my computer.

The idea is to set the timer to a certain amount of time and get working on something for that amount of time. When the time is up and the alarm sounds, I can feel free to focus on something else. I think having a timer like this would help me with my time management. (I tend get distracted a lot during the day).

Anyway, so I began working on a countdown timer in flash, and I have finished it. I’ve put up a special page specifically for the timer. It can work in the background while you are on the computer or reading or whatever else you need to do.

Anyway, I hope it helps me get work done, and I hope it can help some other people as well. If you use it, please let me know in the comments. Thanks. Please feel free to leave suggestions to make it better, too.

[kml_flashembed movie=”/media/flash/webcountdown.swf” height=”309″ width=”550″ /]

This Blog Will Never Make Money

I will never make money blogging. Although making money would be great, it’s a good thing it’s not the purpose of this blog.

Besides, I just don’t have it in me. Suzie over at abundance highway asks a great question about how many topics should be covered in a blog. It seems that many people who have made lots of money on their blogs say to stick to one topic and write about it constantly.

Those of you who read this know that I deviate often from one consistent topic. I could talk about youth ministry one day. I could talk about missions the next day, and you know I’ll throw something about Mexican culture or global youth ministry into the mix.

These things interest me. They are my life. They are my passion. They are what I feel God has called me to do with my life. It is this mix that makes what we do unique.

So, while thinking about how many topics a blog should cover is something to think about, this blog will probably never only cover one topic, and I’ll probably never make money writing it.

(image by: TracyO on flickr)

My Final Four

In case you’re watching March Madness and was wondering, I’m playing in a bracket challenge over at Youth Ministry Exchange.

My final four are Duke, North Carolina, Texas, and Kansas. Of course, I’ve got Duke winning the national championship. I always have problems with fantasy things when I pick with my heart instead of my head. Duke’s my team, so I have to pick them to go all the way. They have a chance, even after tonight’s horrible game.

I’m watching the tournament online with March Madness on Demand. It’s a great way to watch the games. You get all the games for free, so check it out.

Thumbnail by Doug L on flickr.

Busy Week

This week’s calendar is filled with all sorts of stuff. Here’s what it looks like so far:

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day
March 17 – Celebration of Benito Juarez Day (day off of work)
March 18 – March Madness begins
March 20 – Equinox (special day at Teotihuacan)
March 21 – Benito Juarez Day (official)
March 21 – Good Friday (stay tuned for my thoughts on the crucifixion)
March 23 – Easter Sunday

Great Reads for March 14

This is a video edition of “Great Reads,” which includes some of my favorite videos from the week. Check out the Great Reads series (week 1 and week 2), and be sure to come back next Friday for more.

Thumbnail by: Trevor3999

Great Reads for March 7

Last week I started a series called “Great Reads.” I’m going to try to give you a glimpse of what I am reading online. Anyway, here are this week’s “great reads.”

A Student Ministry Catalyst’s Guide to TED 2008: Tony shares some insight for leaders from some of the TED talks this year.

1,000 True Fans: The key to selling music, videos, and other types of art in today’s marketplace.

The Cost of Raising Children: With child number 2 on the way, this post came at an inopportune time for me. Yikes!

Free is the Future: A post on how to give away stuff and be successful.

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