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Present from PopPop


Nathan’s PopPop got him a Little Tykes go-cart for his birthday. I wish I were there to see him in it. Janell sent me this picture yesterday.

Wedding video

So, I finished up the wedding ceremony video last night. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about video production, and I think it turned out pretty well. It’s a lot better than the video we have of our wedding, which didn’t turn out at all. Of course, the photographer kept getting in my way (and everyone’s way) during the wedding, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. I mean, right at the kiss the bride, she stands up in the middle of the aisle to snap a shot, in front of the entire crowd. Frustrating. Oh well, at least they’ll have a picture of their kiss to mail to the 200 people who couldn’t see it because she was in the way. I still have a lot of video to edit, and I want to put it on a DVD for them. We’ll see how that works out. No time today, though. I got lots to do before tomorrow.

NOTE: If you want to see the video on, here are the links. It’s poor quality, but you get the idea.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


At ArigatosWe went last night with my grandma and mom to Arigato’s, one of those Japanese style steakhouse places where they cook right in front of you. We had a good time, with lots of good food. It was Nathan’s first real visit to a place like this, and he met his uncle Arigato (see the picture). We had a fun time with our family.

Since this is such a quick trip, we probably won’t get to see them much, but it was good to get to spend some time with them while we could. Did I mention the food was delicious?

Today, we get to go to the wedding rehearsal. It should be fun. Everyone is very stressed out. It’s good to not have to be worrying too much about anything.

Safe arrival

Airport elevatorWe made it to Tampa without any problems. The first flight was the longest flight ever! Nathan didn’t want to sleep, but he did really well in the second flight. We got in really late, and the family went crazy to see him. Anyway, we’re here safely.

(Photo: Us in the elevator in the Houston airport)

Going to Florida today

Kelle, Joey, and Nathan at weddingJanell’s sister Kelle is getting married this Saturday (that’s her and Joey in the picture with Nathan), so we’re taking off this morning just after class to go to Florida for the wedding. We don’t arrive until late tonight, but it will be a great trip, I’m sure. Janell is in the wedding, and they have asked me to take video of it, so we will both be busy.

We’re also going to have a family birthday party for Nathan on Sunday. It should be a good week. What a lucky kid! He gets two birthday parties (and two cakes).

Birthday Greetings

So, I set up a birthday hotline for the family using I asked them to call in and leave a message for Nathan, wishing him a happy birthday today. Here’s what we got so far. If you want to add yourself to the list, let us know by commenting on this post.

Aunt Christy
Aunt Tina
Cousin Ashley
Cousin Brandon
Cousin Robert
Grandma Dottie
Grandma Helen
Grandma Linda
Aunt Christy
Uncle Charlie
Uncle Vic
Birthday Song from family in Vegas

Happy Birthday Nathan!

04-22-06 B-day12

Nathan is 1 today!
We took this picture at his birthday party in Mexico.

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