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  1. My daughter is attending Calvary Christian School in Northern Ky. She has to do a small report on missionarys and needs to have a couple of questions answered. Would you be willing to help her out?

    Thank you
    Mike Williams

  2. I forgot to check the notify button below. Please let me know as soon as possible.

  3. Hello,
    I saw a post by a Dennis on a Tim Schmoyer blog and it linked me here. Is there a Dennis in the house?

  4. Hey Gary…sure there’s a Dennis in the house. Check out our about us page for more info. How can I help you?

  5. I am trying to get in touch with Janell. Janell, send me an e-mail as soon as you get a chance, okay?

  6. Greetings Dennis,

    This is Ashley Cheshier at Upward Unlimited. I work in the Global Department, and I was just passed your info request about our materials into Spanish. I am so sorry that this response is SO late. However, I am happy to announce that my colleague and I just recorded our Spanish coach’s book onto audio. Also, as we translated, we found that the Spanish was not the best, so we revised the book and modified it to fit Mexican Spanish.

    I am an MK from Mexico, so I was thrilled to hear that Mexico was getting some attention in this way. I lived in Cuernavaca, Morelos; Patzcuaro, Michoacan; and Puebla, Puebla. I too think that sports could be a great tool for churches to use in Mexico.

    Your info request also stated that you would like to know if Upward has been used in other countries. Indeed it has and is. We have started a test league in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Ukraine, Rwanda, Canada, Brazil are up and running—many others are in the works, and many people are using Upward programs on short-term missions trips in many other countries.

    My colleague and I had a summer project to research all of Latin America—I can’t say much more since our presentation is not until next Friday, but I can tell you that Upward is VERY interested in a future in Mexico. Not only are we interested, but we are acting on those interests and the direction of the Lord that seems to be leading us there.

    I would be more than happy to send you a 2008 info kit if you provide an address to which I can send it. I can also be reached by email or phone 864-949-5926 here at Upward. I would love to talk to you or assist you in any way that I can.
    Thank you for your interest and time.

    Only by His grace,
    Ashley Cheshier

  7. hello
    i would like to become the part of this organisation. can you guide me.
    thank you

  8. Hello Dennis and Janell! I am a Missions Major at Boyce College and am currently enrolled in Randy Smith’s class, Youth Missions. I am working on a project for the class, and am very interested in doing mission work in Mexico; so therefore, chose to do my project on Mexico! Dennis, I heard you speak in a few of my classes during Youth Emphasis week this past year at Boyce and would love to ask you a few questions about your ministry. If you have the time and could email me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much and it looks like God is doing some great things through you and through your ministry!

  9. hola hermano. me da mucho gusto que pueda encontrar a gente como usted que ama y le sirve al señor. yo tambien vivo en la ciudad de mexico y me gustaria conocerle y el ministerio que tiene de jovenes. tambien se ingles y estoy dispuesto a ofrecer mi servicio si algun dia lo necesita como para traducir o algo por el estilo. dios le bendiga. por favor mandeme un correo electronico. israel salazar santana

  10. Hello, I am a misdionsry in Honduras and trying to find the directions or phone number of the pewter factory.. This is sad but I’ve been here 12 years and can’t find it.


  11. Hello Poulette Family,

    My husband and I recently moved here to Mexico City with ABWE. I did a search of missionaries in Mexico City and your website came up! I was interested in the seminary you spoke of and wondered what it is all about! 🙂 Also, to say Hi and ask where you are living in Mexico City.
    We are north of the city in Cuautitlan!

    Hope you talk to you soon..
    Joe & Heidi DePuy

  12. H E L P !
    An inquirer asked me these questions. If you can give me answers I will forward to him. [I don’t have his ok to give out his address.]
    1) How many Unreached Peoples are there in Mexico?
    2) Are missionaries working among them?
    3) Where can I get names and addresses of missionaries working in Mexico?
    He wrote to me from my website: “UP” is for Unreached Peoples.”
    Thanks. Don Marchant.

  13. […] mosaic in our Christmas newsletter. If you don’t get our newsletter and would like to, please contact us. Either leave a comment on this post or go to our sign up […]

  14. […] mosaic in our Christmas newsletter. If you don’t get our newsletter and would like to, please contact us. Either leave a comment on this post or go to our sign up […]

  15. […] This is one of the best videos I’ve seen of Mexico City. I love this city. I know that God loves it, too. I am praying to find people who will also love this city and help share God’s love with the more than 25 million people who live there. Want to be part of it? Contact us. […]

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