St. Pete Times and Serving the Servants

Recently, the St. Petersburg Times ran an article on D&D Missionary Homes, a great ministry in St. Pete that provides housing, clothing, and other things to missionaries who are visiting the United States again.

D&D exists to “serve the servants” and operates on donations from individuals and churches in order to do so. They have furnished houses, a place for missionaries to shop for clothes (for free), and basically provide a home away from home for those who minister overseas.

Unfortunately, although they provided a phone number, the St. Pete Times didn’t link to the D&D missionary homes website in their article, so here is the link to D&D missionary homes. Be sure to check them out and donate if you want to support their ministry.

Here’s the St. Petersburg Times article.
Here’s the D&D Missionary Homes website.

Have you heard of any other ministries like this one?

One Response to “St. Pete Times and Serving the Servants”

  1. tony sheng July 9, 2008 at 11:17 am #

    there is a ministry in central Pennsylvania called CMTS Ministries. [] they have a fleet of used cars that they lend out for free to missionaries who are home on furlough. kind of the same idea, except cars instead of a place to live.

    the founder was a mechanic with Wycliffe for a number of years.

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